With a new year come fresh trends, which means ideas, both new and old, have arrived with 2013. Today, there is a need for a more personal, individualized home where easy living is the goal. Backyards are now the ideal locale for entertaining friends and family with kitchens and dining options, comfortable seating and beautiful water features.

Whatever your preferences may be, our two-part piece on outdoor living trends and pool design for 2013 have got you covered.

Bringing the Indoors, Outdoors

A few years ago homeowners bought into the idea of using of terraces and decks to expand their living spaces. Today, these same spaces are taken to the next level and have the look, feel and function of an indoor room. These new and improved spaces feature all of the amenities such as top of the line furnishings, fire pits and even televisions equipped with full audio systems. Combine all of these amazing features with high-efficiency glass windows and doors and you have a private energy-efficient oasis, all your own.

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If You Can’t Take the Heat, Take It Outside

Outdoor food preparation is an interest that has escalated over the past year and will continue in 2013. It could be as simple as a typical barbeque grill or as elaborate as a built-in cook’s station equipped with refrigerator, sink, storage and pizza oven. If you think that’s exceptional, the outdoor food prep does not stop there. With a kitchen in place, many homeowners are moving towards the creation of their own home vegetable garden. All you need is healthy soil, a successful drainage system, water and a little tender loving care! If you need suggestions in terms of what to plant, look no further than those items that you like to eat and cook. Popular vegetables include: herbs, tomatoes, carrots and peppers.

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When In Doubt, Go With Automatic

Our day-to-day lives continue to get busier and busier while the costs of technology and automation are starting to decrease. For this reason, it makes sense that automation is more affordable but also growing in popularity. Whether you are interested in pool automation, security, electronics or lighting, this day and age allows you to control your home’s systems through a single device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod for an reasonable price.

If you aren’t convinced, just think of that time last year when you had to run from your hot tub to your spa heater in the dead of winter. It may have been fun when you were a kid, but let’s face it; we all want convenience and no one wants to get frostbite! Now, with one push of the button spa owners can turn on their spa, water features and all pool and patio lights from the warm comfort of their couch. No dash in the snow necessary!

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Stay tuned for the second portion of our two-part piece on the Outdoor Living Trends for 2013 where we will continue to discuss up-and-coming interests in pool and outdoor living design throughout the next year. Until next time!