Bring the hottest design elements of your home, outside Backyard life these days is about more than just a cold drink on the deck. People are using their outdoor spaces more and they are bringing the design elements of their home outside. We spoke to some of Canada’s talented landscape designers about the hottest trends […]

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SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION BY MARK DEWOLF Mark DeWolf is a wine, food and entertainment editor, a sommelier instructor with the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers and owner of By the Glass; a tour company specializing in food and wine adventures in Italy, Spain and France amongst other destinations.

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CANADIAN BACKYARD GURUS NAN KEENAN & ROBERT BOLTMAN I want to redesign my backyard but I want to do the work myself. Is there a point at which I need to call in an expert? Much of that decision will depend on the scope of the design says Nan Keenan of Keenan Design. Putting in […]

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SIMPLE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE A backyard pool can be a source of fun and relaxation for families, but the water must be treated with respect and attention. Pool safety needs to be of paramount concern to pool owners, especially those with children in the house, as well as in the neighbourhood. Sadly […]

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