Whether you are setting up a full outdoor kitchen or just want to throw a few steaks on a portable barbeque, the grill is a big part of living outdoors… and having the right barbeque can make your summer experience complete. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out just what might suit your life and your backyard. The first step is to consider your lifestyle. Are you a gourmet chef looking to create a whole meal outdoors, or do you just want a good grill to get those burgers tasting great? Al Jackson of Jackson Grills in Duncan, British Columbia says a buyer needs to know what kind of cooking they want to do. “Barbequing and grilling are two different things.” Jackson says gas grills, be it propane or natural gas, are great for convenience. They come up to temperature very quickly and are designed to function well in cold climates. Charcoal, says Jackson, impart a unique flavor but it takes more time. “It’s a bit more of an event. When you want to cook on your charcoal grill you want to do it on a weekend or when you are having guests.” Ninety-five percent of grills in Canada are gas fired, but Jackson says charcoal is seeing a big resurgence in Canada.

Once you’ve settled on the type of cooking surface, Jackson says it is important to think ahead to how you’ll use it. He recommends thinking about rotisserie options. The most popular option is becoming an infrared rotisserie burner. It’s a ceramic burner located in the back of the grill so meat dripping off the rotisserie does not hit a hot burner and cause flare ups. “The infrared energy transmits to the meal and locks in the juices and creates almost like a crust on the outside of the meat that keeps all the juices on the inside.”

Just like your kitchen, having the right tools can make grilling easier, and more fun. Here are a few options to bring some style to your outdoor grill:

*Smoker Boxes: These popular new tools can impart all sorts of new flavours to your food. Hickory wood chips are great with beef while fish is nice cooked with apple wood.

*Grill Stone: This may sound a little odd but these stones are made from quarried porous rock. The stone is placed on the grill and the meat is placed directly on top. The stone slab prevents flare ups but also creates an even heat for superior cooking.

*Lighting: Tired of juggling tongs and a flashlight or cooking in the dark, today’s grill aficionados are making BBQ lighting the most popular grill accessory on the market right now. The LED lights are mounted off the rotisserie grill or off the side shelf and make year round grilling easier.

Try a steam cleaner for your BBQ, these are a twist on the traditional BBQ brush, they add water to the mix which the hot grill turns to steam for an easy, non-chemical, way to clean the grill.

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